Decorative Handicrafts

Decorative Handicrafts are always loved by one and all. We are amongst the leading manufacturers of Decorative Handicrafts in India and are known for our quality supplies and amazing designs. The different Decorative Handicrafts that we deal in include Bamboo Handicrafts, Terracotta Handicrafts, Sholapith Handicrafts, Silver Handicrafts, Sabai Grass Handicrafts, Engraved Palm Leaf Handicrafts, Plain Palm Leaf Handicrafts, Metal Handicrafts, Lacquer Handicrafts, Horn Handicrafts, Golden Grass Handicrafts, Dhokra Handicrafts, Coconut Shell Handicrafts and Wooden Handicrafts.

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Dokra Handicrafts

Dhokra Handicrafts are the craft works prepared by the Dhokras in Odisha. Dhokras or Dokra was the name used to denote the group of nomadic craftsmen settled in Odisha and other parts of the nation. Dhokra Handicrafts now include a wide variety of amazingly beautiful and interestingly shaped brassware products prepared using


Golden Grass Handicrafts

Golden Grass Handicrafts are one of the most demanded and beautiful handicrafts ever prepared in India and abroad. This variety of handicraft was originated from coastal parts of Odisha and it derives its name from the Golden color found in coastal areas of Odisha. We are one of the most experienced and trusted manufacturers


Horn Handicrafts

When it comes to the most ancient and traditional craft form of Odisha, Horn Handicrafts are the ones that pop up in the mind. These are basically beautifully designed masterpieces that feature the shapes of animals, birds, ashtrays and other utilitarian items like combs, jewelry etc. We are involved in the production of Horn


Lacquer Handicrafts

Lacquer Handicrafts are the handicrafts prepared using Lac. Lac is basically a secretion of an insect named as Lacci17erLacca. These handicrafts are amazingly beautiful for these possess multiple vibrant colors and eye catching designs. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Lacquer Handicrafts in India and


Metal Handicrafts

Metal Handicrafts are always classy and trendy. These are loved by one and all. We are an experienced and trusted manufacturer of Metal Handicrafts in this nation. We manufacture Metal Handicrafts using a wide variety of metals including brass. We are wholesale suppliers of Metal Handicrafts in India and are known for our


Plain Palm Leaf Handicrafts

Palm Leaves are used for making a large number of utility items including baskets, ropes and many others. Apart from these things palm leaves serve great purpose in making Plain Palm Leaf Handicrafts. Plain Palm Leaf Handicrafts are amongst the best handicrafts available in the entire world and are known for their authenticity


Engraved Palm Leaf Handicrafts

Engraved Palm Leaf Handicrafts are one of the most beautiful handicrafts on earth. These handicrafts basically belong to Odisha and were prepared for the first time during the beginning of documenting of traditions and written words of the country. Engraved Palm Leaf Handicrafts are the most ancient form of handicrafts and are


Sabai Grass Handicrafts

Sabai Grass Handicrafts are prepared using weaved ropes of dried Sabai Grass. These handicrafts are generally manufactured by rural women of Odisha and are amazingly beautiful with traditional flavors of the state and its culture. Sabai Grass Handicrafts are highly durable and light and are in heavy demands throughout the


Silver Handicrafts

Silver Handicrafts are celebrated for their beauty and classic looks. These are one of the most desired variety of decorative handicrafts in India as well as abroad. We are an experienced and trusted manufacturer of Silver Handicrafts in this area and are known for our unique styles and creations. We make use of fine quality


Sholapith Handicrafts

Sholapith Handicrafts belong to multiple states and culture of India including Odisha, Deccan, Assam and West Bengal. Solapith is a milky white sponge wood upon which various beautiful and artistic carvings are made. Generally Solapith articles are used in decorating Hindu idols and in creating various other articles like


Terracotta Handicrafts

Terracotta Handicrafts is amongst the earliest forms of Handicrafts in Orissa. This handicraft makes use of clay and prepares reddish brown earthenware from the same. The Terracotta Handicrafts result in various hand-modeled images and figurines. We are an experienced manufacturer of Terracotta Handicrafts possessing a talented


Wooden Handicrafts

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of craft work in India as well as abroad but Wooden Handicrafts have got their own classy incomparable looks. Wooden Handicrafts act as great master-pieces when it comes to decoration and embellishment purposes. We are amongst the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Wooden Handicrafts in


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